The Law

by Almost Failed



"The Law" from our upcoming EP "11:55" on Acuity.Music


And so we run, nothing can hold us back
Yes we run
We´ve been quiet for far too long

Hope´s not dead if we keep holding on
it´s in our hands

We can´t sit back to watch the world falling apart
I know we´re young but we got anger in our hearts
Let´s put an end to this leadership of pigs

Yeah, we are the law
and we´re the noose around your fucking neck

Your generation had it all
look what you have done
you´re about to fall

Four nails in rotten wood
The cross burns bright above your grave
You have made your bed in a hole of dirt
I can hear the rats nibbling on your guilty bones

Let´s put an end to this




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Almost Failed Linz, Austria

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