by Almost Failed

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released June 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Almost Failed Linz, Austria

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Track Name: Scum
the streets are paved with bodies
of all those kids who died in vain

we hate this town
and we hate you too
it smells like hell
and so do you

you´ve got

no respect no remorse
now it´s too late we´re at the doors
Track Name: Empty Thrones
bring me their bones
I want them dead

no hearts no souls
just empty wraps

we´re not hunting sheep we´re hunting pigs

come on and run
we´ll do anything to bring you down
that´s the consequence
we´ll do anything to rush the throne

bring me their bones
I want them dead
these fucking fools should burn in hell

all they do is take take take
with no regrets
all they get is fucking hate
no we won´t forget

there is no crime cause we´re the law
when you´re the wound we are the salt

bring me their bones
Track Name: We Are The Wolves
heads up heads up
we won´t bear the shame

heads up heads up
we´re not here for grace

sticks and stones may break our bones
but we will stand together

this is a fucking bond
we will stand together

beat us as strong as you can beat
we are far from bleeding

with heart and mind
we´ll fight until we die
nothing to lose
we are the wolves

stop resisting
this is the time we win

we´re not hunting sheep
we´re hunting pigs